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The Creating Your Successful EntRNce™ to Home Health Nursing Program for OASIS-E and Home Health Nurses

The Creating Your Successful EntRNce™ to Home Health Nursing Program for OASIS-E and Home Health Nurses

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Even if you have no idea where to start!



The Creating Your Successful EntRNce™ To Home Health Nursing Program(CYSE) is a step-by-step, all-in-one program that helps nurses newly switching to home health nursing define, understand, and practice their new responsibilities as home health nurses. 

CYSE is the ONLY comprehensive home health nursing program made specifically JUST FOR NURSES switching to the home health nursing field, made from THE NURSES POINT OF VIEW, and FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE NURSES AND THEIR SUCCESS, that gives you START TO FINISH SUPPORT as soon as YOU decide to switch from your current nursing specialty to home health without EVER MISSING A BEAT or PLACING YOUR NURSING REPUTATION or LICENSE ON THE LINE



  How to master your home health nursing responsibilities on such an independent level that you radiate the confidence, professionalism, and passion for home health nursing that every single home health agency desires in a top-performing home health nurse hire,

  Ultimately place you in the driver's seat of your home health nursing career trajectory, giving you COMPLETE control in deciding which of the top home health agencies you’d like to work for in addition to giving you the most important advantage of negotiating for the HIGHEST pay. 

Creating Your Successful EntRNce™ To Home Health Nursing Program gives you COMPLETE control of your success and empowerment, so you don’t have to depend on your agency to gain OASIS confidence or to be successful as a home health nurse.

CYSE is comprised of five core pillars, and 6 core courses taking you from learning the basic foundations of home health nursing to preparing for and planning your OASIS assessments:  

  • PRNciples of Home Health Nursing™ - gives you an overview of what home health and home health nursing actually entail (so if you ever go above and beyond or in the most unfavorable direction of participating in "less-pleasing" behaviors of your legal will have been YOUR choice), as well as a glimpse into how we as nurses fit into this specialty to help our amazingly dynamic patient populations while being compliant, staying true to ourselves, and getting paid for it. 
  • FactoRNs of Home Health Nursing™ - introduces our signature framework that teaches the key stakeholders, participants, and the ecosystem of home health nursing as well as makes the connection between the home health nursing ecosystem and the home health nurses' responsibilities to each player of the ecosystem, and how it all translates to you in a “Real-Life” setting.
  • YouRN Responsibilities + Boundaries as a Home Health Nurse™ - provides the home health nurse with a very detailed understanding of their complex responsibilities, while deep diving into a few very significant responsibilities that can make or break your career as a home health nurse if not understood and implemented properly. It sets the home health nurse up to know their exact legal responsibilities, and how you can protect your nursing reputation and license as it pertains to your legal boundaries.
  • The OASIS Walk-Thru™ - provides a very detailed walk-through of each OASIS item, along with the best way to answer each. It includes all of the newest OASIS assessment and documentation updates for PDGM, Functional Impairment, and Home Health Value-Based Purchasing (HHVBP).
  • StRNeamlining Your OASIS Assessments™ - allows the home health nurse to place themselves in the driver seat of creating processes and dashboards that are specific to their individual needs as nurses.  It walks you through creating your Nurse Bank™ (amount of time you have for nursing assessments each day), creating your Youtines™ (processes that you will complete daily and for each assessment/patient but in a way that works for your routine style), and completing your Nursing Passport™ (your dashboard that holds all of the information about your home health agency, who to contact for what, when, pay dates, how you are paid, all things you can return to when you have questions, etc.).



  An exact roadmap to get you from where you are RIGHT NOW to feel confident as a home health nurse,

✅  Specific tools to help you communicate with patients when scheduling and completing OASIS assessments,

✅  Learned and understood the intent of PDGM + OASIS with all of their moving pieces with less stress and in less time,

✅  Removed all of the guesswork out of OASIS to make turning in your documentation efficient,

✅  Simple processes, checklists, and strategies in place to make your OASIS assessments and documentation streamlined and organized,

✅  Defined and understood all of the responsibilities that are most important to you as the home health nurse to guide your everyday nursing practices,

✅  Detailed tools for communicating with your patient's physicians and other disciplines in a way that consistently results in your patients getting what they need, as well as creating a paper trail for accountability and your license protection,

✅  A complete understanding of every question on the OASIS with unique guidance on how to answer each question for PDGM satisfaction, reimbursement, and your paycheck,

✅  Cultivated everything unique about YOU as an individual nurse and created a promotion plan and approach to making you a home health nursing success and ensuring your new switch was productive and successful for YOU, and

✅  Created an OASIS assessment + documentation workflow that gets you home each day at a decent time with minimal documentation to complete.


⭐  The Creating Your Successful EntRNce™ To Home Health Nursing Program (CYSE) core curriculum

⭐  OASIS Observations + Scripts™ for Functional Impairment

The Nursing Narrative Note Blueprint™ 

⭐  The Perfect OASIS Start of Care Cheatsheet™ 

⭐  The JouRNal Planner™ (Print-It-Yourself version) 

⭐  The Art of Calculating Nursing Visits™ 

⭐  Easy Answers for OASIS Functional Impairment™ 

⭐  Patient Dashboard™ Notepad Instant Download

⭐  Case Conference RN-Down™ Notepad Instant Download

⭐  Missed Visit RN-Down™ Notepad Instant Download

⭐  Missed Visit Receipt™ Notepad Instant Download

⭐  Nursing Visit Calculator™ Notepad Instant Download

⭐  Wound Care RN-Down™ Notepad Instant Download

⭐  Daily Wrap-Up™ Notepad Instant Download

⭐  RN-Do List™ Notepad Instant Download

⭐  SBARG Log™ Notepad Instant Download

⭐  The JouRNal Planner Monthly™ Notepad Instant Download

⭐  The JouRNal Planner Weekly™ Notepad Instant Download

Transition to Home Health Nursing with your questions answered, accurately completing your OASIS assessments and documentation, all while building a highly sought-after reputation as a Home Health Nurse…even if you have no idea where to start!

So, if you're just starting as a Home Health Nurse, and find yourself wondering "how to be a successful home health nurse?", I made this course just for you, so you can skip over "learning by fire", and be able to make home health work for you and your lifestyle.


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Customer Reviews

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Jeneane Wallon

I am having trouble getting a job and there's a reuirement of at least one year of home health and oasis recently on my resume. I have a great resume and feel so rejected with my many years of nursing. Will keep trying.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for our CYSE program, Jeneane!

It's disappointing to hear about your feelings of rejection while trying to get a job, but I have no doubt that after hearing the lingo, new expectations, and updated requirements that you'll feel and present more comfortable during your interviews. Having the experience listed on a resume is one thing but being able to speak to and verbalize your understanding of the new OASIS assessment and documentation expectations is a game-changer for many home health agencies.

This is something we can discuss in greater detail, if you'd like. I'm excited to hear how this program helps you along in your home health nursing journey.

Make YOUR safety YOUR top priority, no matter the situation.

xx, Trischana