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The OASIS Nursing Narrative Note Blueprint™

The OASIS Nursing Narrative Note Blueprint™

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Get the “ONLY” OASIS Nursing Narrative Note guide that helps you become accurately effective and efficient at writing OASIS nursing narrative notes so your patients always get the care they need while saving you time and positioning yourself as a leader within your agency. 

Whether it’s a start of care assessment or recertification, for a younger patient or older patient with ANY number of co-morbidities and ICD codes, build an accurately effective process for writing OASIS nursing narrative notes —even if you feel like your writing in the past has absolutely sucked, you can't figure out what to write, or how to write it in a way that Medicare will receive it BEST, or think that completing so many steps is overwhelming... because hey, it did to me, too.

The OASIS Nursing Narrative Note™ Blueprint is a step-by-step guide that helps OASIS Home Health Nurses understand, organize, and craft their patient’s OASIS assessment data into their OASIS nursing narrative notes on auto-pilot.

You're tired of second-guessing your OASIS nursing narrative notes, ready to feel 10X more CONFIDENT about your OASIS nursing narrative notes—and know it's “Medicare-Friendly”, and you'd like a simple, step-by-step guide for understanding, organizing, and writing all of your OASIS nursing narrative notes for any patient, ICD-code, and assessment type…The OASIS Nursing Narrative Note Blueprint is just for YOU! 



The purpose of the OASIS nursing narrative note

✅  It's required formatting, sections, and specific items that must be included

✅  The relationship that this note has on the ability of your patients to receive life-saving home healthcare services that are paid for by Medicare

✅  How to provide proof of your completed interventions 

✅  The basic set of questions to answer regarding each patient that allows you to confirm that the patient should indeed move forward with completing an OASIS start of care (recertification, or resumption of care) assessment

✅  The diverse health care acuities, as well as the progression of your nursing notes from the patient's start of care through to discharge.



  • The OASIS Nursing Narrative Note™ Blueprint (this prints out as an 8.5x11 PDF that is instantly downloadable). You will need to print this instant downloadable PDF on 8.5x11-sized printer paper.
  • 34 pages of our comprehensive signature technique, The Plursing™ Method which uses templates and examples
  • Nursing Assessment + Intervention Tables
  • Key Term Report™
  • OASIS Nurse Narrative Note™ Template
  • OASIS Nurse Narrative Note Template “On Empty”™
  • Patient Eligibility Verification Tracker™
  • “Real Life” Basic OASIS Nursing Notes™
  • “Real Life” Complex OASIS Nursing Notes™

  You will receive an instantly downloadable digital pdf file (provided via a link after your purchase and via your provided email address).  

⭐  24/7 Support with the ability to ask and present your questions about this notepad via our help email address, or via our chatbot found in the bottom right corner of our website.



  • Is this product included within another set of your products?

Yes, this notepad is a part of our 3 programs: 1️⃣Creating Your Successful EntRNce™ to Home Health Nursing, 2️⃣ Director of Nursing Literacy™, and 3️⃣Excellence in New Home Health Nurse Eduperience™. 


  • Who is this guide for?

Home Health Nurses who work for a Medicare-certified agency and also complete Medicare OASIS assessments.  This notepad instant download is NOT for Private Duty Nurses who provide continuous 4, 6, 8, or 12-hour home care shifts with patients in their homes.


  • How long will it take to receive my guide in the mail?

At the moment, we do not offer the printed version of this guide on our website, but you can purchase the printed version from Amazon by clicking here.  Once your order is placed, Amazon will allow you to select the delivery date. However, this version is an Instant Downloadable Digital PDF, and you will have access to the guide instantly after purchase.


  • Can I enter text into the Instant Downloadable Digital PDF using my tablet without having to print it?

Yes, and to do this you’ll need to:

    1. Download the free GoodNotes app to your tablet
    2. Open the GoodNotes app using your tablet, and
    3. Import your downloaded guide pdf file into the GoodNotes app

Did you know? This OASIS Nursing Narrative Note Blueprint™ is included inside our signature program (CYSE) Creating Your Successful EntRNce™ to Home Health Nursing! If you're looking for a comprehensive program and set of courses with tools included to bridge your TRNsition-Gap™ (teach you the foundations of home health nursing with tools included) created by switching to home health nursing, this program is for you!  Check out our CYSE program here!

Please note: The OASIS Nursing Narrative Note Blueprint™ is designed for you to use individually. You may not use this guide to resell or to copy for the use of others. Please be sure to read our product terms.

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