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The Perfect OASIS Start of Care Cheat Sheet™ Bundle: OASIS Assessments for Home Health Nurses

The Perfect OASIS Start of Care Cheat Sheet™ Bundle: OASIS Assessments for Home Health Nurses

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Get the “ONE AND ONLY” OASIS-E Assessment tool for your Start of Care visits tool that helps you quickly + efficiently prepare for, complete, and submit “Medicare + PDGM + Functional Impairment Friendly” start of care assessments and documentation in less time with no overwhelm! 

The Perfect OASIS Start of Care Cheatsheet™ is the ONLY OASIS tool that…

1️⃣  Allows Home Health Nurses to complete Start of Care assessments for their understanding and protection, 

2️⃣  Enables Home Health Nurses to complete the most comprehensive baseline nursing assessment for their patients, and

3️⃣  Ensures that each and every Medicare question is answered accurately to fulfill each patient's unique home care needs in a way that also decreases the nurses' OASIS documentation time by at least 30 minutes. 

This OASIS Start of Care assessment bundle is made of 13 tools that provide you with clear guidance in knowing exactly what to ask + collect during your OASIS SOC (start of care) assessment confirmation calls, exactly how to prepare for and what to collect prior to and during each OASIS SOC assessment visit, and get a step-by-step process for completing your OASIS SOCs proficiently, on a REGULAR BASIS!

The Perfect OASIS Start of Care Cheatsheet™ Bundle is a proven tool for completing and submitting your OASIS start of care assessments like a pro!  If you've always been second-guessing your OASIS start-of-care assessments, are clueless about how you should approach completing them, or want to ensure that your submissions make sense with the new PDGM (Patient-Driven Groupings Model), and HHVBP (Home Health Value-Based Purchasing) mandates then this cheat sheet bundle will help you.

If you're tired of second-guessing your OASIS start of care assessment data, always worrying if you've left something out, and you’re ready to know EXACTLY what to ask, record, and track to ensure that ALL of your OASIS start of care assessments are Medicare + PDGM Approval Ready? Then this simple, step-by-step guide for preparing, understanding, organizing, and submitting all of your OASIS start-of-care assessments with PDGM and Functional Impairment in mind for any patient, with any number of ICD-codes…is exactly what you’ve been missing!


The exact steps for preparing for your OASIS Start of Care Assessments,

✅  How to prepare your patients for their SOC assessment,

✅  How to verify, confirm, and edit the responses to each PDGM M Item to ensure that each is answered properly and in PDGM Functional and Reimbursement Agreement,

✅  How to effectively prepare yourself for each Start of Care assessment, 

✅  How to become the expert on your patient before you step foot into their home,

✅  A step-by-step process to input every piece of OASIS assessment data in the exact order that it’s recalled on the Medicare OASIS database,

✅  How to record and track the new PDGM guidelines for patient falls, as well as communicate, document, and advocate for your patient’s fall needs without losing time or sleep, 

✅  How to track each fall according to the list of requirements that influence your agency’s probability of being reimbursed for your completed nursing visits, and

✅  How to complete a “Before you hit SUBMIT!” process to correct the top mistakes and errors made by 95% of home health nurses when completing and submitting OASIS SOC data.


⭐  The New OASIS-E Questions List

⭐  The Top Helper Tools for Answering OASIS-E Questions™ 

⭐  Pre-SOC Assessment Confirmation Call Checklist™

⭐  Pre-SOC Assessment Preparation Checklist™

⭐  SOC Assessment Data Collection Checklist™ 

⭐  OASIS Integrated SOC Assessment™ Blueprint

⭐  Vitals Collection™

⭐  Falls Log™

⭐  PDGM Alignment Checklist™

⭐  Post-Visit Calls™ 

⭐  Nursing Interventions RN-View™ 

⭐  Before You Hit Submit:  OASIS SOC Assessment™ Checklist

⭐  Interdisciplinary Team Notes™

⭐  24/7 Support with the ability to ask and present your questions about this guide via our help email address, or via our chatbot found in the bottom right corner of our website.



  • Is this product included within another set of your products?

    Yes, this cheat sheet is currently included in the purchase of our comprehensive home health nurse course Creating Your Successful EntRNce™ to Home Health Nursing or CYSE.  This cheat sheet also has n “Learn On-The-RN Workshop: How To Complete Your Start of Care Assessments In Less Time” that is being created, and you can place yourself on the waitlist to be notified as soon as registration opens by clicking here.

  • Who is this cheat sheet for?

  • Home Health Nurses who work for a Medicare-certified home health agency that completes Medicare OASIS assessments.  This cheat sheet is not for Private Duty Nurses who provide 4, 6, 8, or 12-hour home care shifts with patients in their homes.  But no worries, if you are a Private Duty Nurse, we offer 1:1 help or intensives as we call them to focus on whichever topic area needs more clarification or practice by clicking here. 


  • How long will it take to receive my cheat sheet in the mail?
  • At the moment, we do not offer the printed version of this cheatsheet on our website, but you can purchase the printed version (or Print-It-For-You version) from Amazon by clicking here.  Once your order is placed, Amazon will allow you to select the delivery date. However, this version that you are purchasing from our website store is an Instant Downloadable Digital PDF, and you will have access to the cheatsheet instantly after purchase via a link on your receipt or via a download page with “Download Here” buttons.


  • Can I enter text into the Instant Downloadable Digital PDF using my tablet without having to print it?
  • Yes, and in order to do this you’ll need to:

    1. Download the free GoodNotes app to your tablet
    2. Open the GoodNotes app using your tablet, and
    3. Import your downloaded cheatsheet pdf file into the GoodNotes app

    Did you know? This Perfect OASIS Start of Care Cheatsheet™ Bundle is included inside of our signature program (CYSE) Creating Your Successful EntRNce™ to Home Health Nursing! If you're looking for a comprehensive program and set of courses with tools included to bridge your TRNsition-Gap™ (teach you the foundations of home health nursing with tools included) created by switching to home health nursing, this program is for you!  Check out our CYSE program here!

    The Perfect OASIS Start of Care Cheatsheet™ Bundle also has a 1 hour  “Learn On-The-RN Workshop™: How To Complete Your OASIS Start of Care Assessments In Less Time”  dedicated completely to teaching you how to accurately and quickly complete your SOC assessments, while walking you through using this cheatsheet effectively with a sample case study included. You can place yourself on the list to be notified as soon as the “Learn On-The-RN Workshop ™:  How To Complete Your Start of Care Assessments In Less Time” is released by clicking here.

    All workshops are hosted on our course platform, Thinkific. Once you checkout, you will receive an email with login details. 

    Please note: The Perfect OASIS Start of Care Cheatsheet™ Bundle is designed for you to use individually. You may not use this cheatsheet to resell or to copy for the use of others. Please be sure to read our product terms of use.

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