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The Missed Visit RN-down™ + Missed Visit Receipt™ Notepad Print-It-For-You (PIFY) Bundle

The Missed Visit RN-down™ + Missed Visit Receipt™ Notepad Print-It-For-You (PIFY) Bundle

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Protect your nursing reputation while using your patients' missed OASIS assessment visits to accurately update and continuously improve their plan of care.

These two notepads are designed for you to quickly and easily collect and document the details surrounding each of your patients missed OASIS assessment visits, and be able to close out your patients' missed visits with a detailed receipt to be left as proof of your being present. With these notepads, you will always be protected against the accusation of “patient abandonment”.

Get two simple, step-by-step guides for understanding, organizing, and tracking all of your patients missed OASIS assessments so you know exactly what to collect, track, and analyze to protect your nursing reputation while placing yourself in the best position to continuously improve your patients plan of care.

If you're tired of feeling “blamed” for your patients' missed skilled nursing visits, or just want to avoid that possibility altogether to protect your nursing reputation by knowing when, and which EXACT details to collect about your patients' missed visits that will protect you.



  Which details to collect and document at the moment of a missed skilled nursing visit,

✅  How and what to communicate to all of your patients’ health care team members, 

✅  The what and the when to identify and analyze each patient’s missed visit details in order to re-evaluate and update their skilled nursing visit frequency, and

✅  What and how to document your patients’ missed visit details to protect your nursing reputation while leaving documentation that proves you were present.



1️⃣  The Missed Visit RN-Down™ Notepad

2️⃣  The Missed Visit Receipt™ Notepad

3️⃣  Depending on the option you select, you will receive a 50-paged notepad (mailed to your provided address) that is glued on one side for easy tearing and organization for your patients who miss scheduled skilled nursing visits, or an instantly downloadable digital pdf file (provided via a link after your purchase and via your provided email address). 

4️⃣  24/7 Support with the ability to ask and present your questions about this notepad via our help email address, or via our chatbot found in the bottom right corner of our website.

5️⃣  The chance to purchase the notepad’s companion workshop the “Home Health Nurse Quick Course Workshop: Missed Skilled Nursing Visits” at a reduced price with the purchase of the missed visit notepad bundle



  • Are these products included within another product?
No, these two notepads are only available together within this particular notepad bundle.  However, the Home Health Nurse Quick Course Workshop can be found and purchased separately by clicking here.
  • Who is this notepad bundle for?
Home Health Nurses who work for a Medicare-certified agency and also complete Medicare OASIS assessments.  This notepad bundle is not for Private Duty Nurses who provide 4, 6, 8, or 12-hour home care shifts with patients in their homes.
  • How long will it take to receive my 50-page notepad in the mail?
Once your order is placed, it will be sent for printing and then shipped.  We have a 2-day processing window, plus the notepads shipping time (which you will select). Each notepad purchase is usually received within 5-7 business days.  However, if you select the Instant Downloadable Digital PDF, you will have access to the notepad pages instantly after purchase.
  • What is the difference between the 50-Page Notepad and the Instant Downloadable Digital PDF?
The 50-Page Notepad is printed and mailed to you and comes in a notepad of 50 pages that are glued on one side with rigid cardboard back. The Instant Downloadable Digital PDF is not printed or mailed to you. Instead, the Instant Downloadable Digital PDF will be accessed via a link provided to you directly after purchase, and with that link, you will have access to a 2-page pdf file with one page displaying The Missed Visit RN-Down™ Notepad, and the second page displaying The Missed Visit Receipt™ Notepad.
  • Can I enter text into the Instant Downloadable Digital PDF using my tablet without having to print it?
Yes, and to do this, you'll need to download the app GoodNotes.
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This workshop is hosted on our course platform, Thinkific. Once you checkout, you will receive an email with login details. 


Please note: The Missed Visit RN-Down and Missed Visit Receipt Notepads are designed for you to use individually. You may not use these notepads to resell or to copy for the use of others. Please be sure to read our product terms.


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