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THE MISSED OASIS VISIT™ BUNDLE: Missed Skilled Nursing Visits in Home Health Care

THE MISSED OASIS VISIT™ BUNDLE: Missed Skilled Nursing Visits in Home Health Care

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Don't let missed OASIS visits tarnish your reputation, earning potential, or positive reference history! 

This Missed OASIS Visit™ Bundle is a set of three tools, the  Missed Visit Protection Roadmap™, Missed Visit RN-down™, and Missed Visit Receipt™ Instant Downloads, designed to help you quickly and easily collect and document the details surrounding each of your patients' missed OASIS assessment visits and be able to close out your patients' missed visits with a detailed receipt to be left as proof of your being present. With these tools, you will always be protected against the accusation of “patient abandonment.”

If you're tired of feeling “blamed” for your patients' missed skilled nursing visits or just want to avoid that possibility altogether to protect your nursing reputation...then...

The Missed OASIS Visit™ Bundle is for YOU



  Which details to collect and document at the moment of a missed skilled nursing visit,

✅  How and what to communicate to all of your patient's healthcare team members, 

✅  The what and the when to identify and analyze each patient’s missed visit details in order to re-evaluate and update their skilled nursing visit frequency, and

✅  What and how to document your patients’ missed visit details to protect your nursing reputation while leaving documentation that proves you were present.



1️⃣  The  Missed Visit Protection Roadmap™

2️⃣  The Missed Visit RN-down™, and 

3️⃣  The Missed Visit Receipt™ Instant Downloads


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